Record results at 10 Parishes Festival

Organisers of the 10 Parishes Festival are celebrating record results from the nine day event held in and around Wiveliscombe in September which were announced at a recent post-event meeting.

Artist open studios are the main part of the visual and performing arts festival and resulting sales by artists amounted to nearly £46,000 which is the highest figure achieved since the festival started in 2003.

Festival Director, Pauline Homeshaw commented “The highest previous figure was £40,000 which was attained in 2007, just before the financial crash. Along with participants, we are delighted that this event resonates so strongly with the community which was highlighted by visitor numbers approaching 10,000.”

Various venues that featured a number of artists exhibiting in groups reported brisk trade including those at the Wiveliscombe Community Centre, The Bear Inn, Waterrow Village Hall and Nynehead Court.

The Street Market and Carnival Procession successfully withstood wet weather as previously reported and Fodo Higginson once again organised a day-long programme of music in Jubilee Gardens. A number of live music performances throughout the festival had strong support, one highlight again being the remote medieval church at Raddington that provides a unique atmosphere with its lack of electricity.

It is hoped that as a result of the impressive performance more 10 Parishes residents will support the Festival and apply to become ‘Friends’. For a small membership fee, this provides closer ongoing contact with the artistic community with private views of new art and invitations to events. More information is available from Wiveliscombe Community Office.

Pictured: John Abraham and Teresa Wilson

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