How Great is The Art!

It has been particularly exciting making our way around studios and exhibitions and midweek is a peaceful time to make routes around the venues.

What a picture St Luke’s Mission Church is in Langley Marsh! A beautiful location just on the left a little way up the hill, a few yards down a narrow lane (park on the main road). Here you will find beautiful animal themes by Mel Deegan (sculpture) Jill Newton (paintings) and Innes Davis (watercolour).

St Luke’s Mission Church, Langley Marsh

Jill illustrates childrens’ books – indeed you can see a copy of Crash Bang Donkey at the venue. Remarkably this formed the basis of an opera that was conceived in a small town in the USA! Jill undertakes commissions, one recently was of Ed Sheeran’s cat…..There is a mischievous charm to some of her work.

Jill Newton

Mel’s sculptures are exquisite as you can see, intricate and poised with equine energy! Innes brings landscapes to life and her work on seashells/fossils are beautiful.

This venue will have a private view tomorrow evening (Weds) – don’t miss!

A little further on at Huish Moor, you will find the studio of Philip Davies. A glance at Philip’s website will reveal what a huge breath of subjects that he covers. He has a superb imagination and great thread of humour through his work. You will enjoy talking with him – we did!

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