Fun and photography? Go on, join in!

A new event at the 10 Parishes Festival this year is the Photomarathon.

A Photomarathon is a funny, exciting and creative photography competition with a twist, a bit of a challenge: you have to take 8 photos of 8 topics in the correct order over an 8-hour period. The dilemma is if you reach topic 8, or even topic 4 and you see something that would capture topic 2, do you delete the topics that you’ve already taken and start again from topic 2, or ignore it and carry on…? It’s not your physical condition, but your sense of creativity and eye for a good photo that that will get you through the day.

After the Photomarathon, all the images are collated and printed, before a panel of judges meet to decide the winners. All the photos – yes, all of them – go on show in a free public exhibition.

The Photomarathon will take place on Sunday 10th September. HQ will be The Wivieliscombe House (at the Square), The Exhibition will take place on 16-17th September at the Community Centre (West Street). Cost of entry: £5.00 per adult and £2.00 for under 14. To reserve your place please visit our registration page:

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