Embracing the Festival theme

The theme for this year’s festival is the B3227, the road that stretches from west of Taunton through many of the 10 Parishes. Some artists will incorporate this.

Victoria Ward has already started a series of maps for the ten parishes, all inspired by the 16th century Ottoman navigational maps of Piri Reis. Victoria will be exhibiting in Wiveliscombe Community Centre, along with Teresa Wilson, Chris Howe and John Abraham.


Ann Sharman returns to exhibiting this year and also has incorporated the B3327 theme into her work. Ann uses mixed media and stitch to interpret the wide diversity of the Somerset landscape and will show her novel interpretations of the festival theme with a whole series of acrylic paintings of stretches of the road.  It’s very apt as her studio can be found just outside Milverton adjacent to the road itself.

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