How to Make Friends and Influence People

Ok, we know you’ve probably heard it all before, and thought ‘why me’?  But we all can benefit from having friends in our life, be they the ones we share coffee with, or the ones we share our passions with online.

We love what we do here in the 10 Parishes for our artistic community and want to share it with the world.  Well, we’ll settle for Somerset, but that is the centre of the world, right?

Get Free Training on How to Use Facebook and Twitter

Well, that’s where Social Media can help.  We know that self-promotion can be a bit of a bore, and we British often don’t like to blow our own trumpets, but spreading the word through the likes of Facebook and Twitter can really help to raise awareness about what we are all doing.

That means more visitors for you when it comes time to throw open your exhibition doors.  More bums on seats and participants in your workshops and community activities.  More people lining the streets to see our wonderful Carnival Procession and boost our local economy at the Street Market.

We are running an afternoon of Free Social Media Training on April 19th, and we’d really like to you come along.

Did you know that through the registered exhibitors for the 2013 Festival, we could reach at least 10,000 people?  All you need to do is click a button!  Think what we could do if we all did a little bit.

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