Road Closure: Huish Champflower

We have just been informed that there will be a road closure affecting traffic through Huish Champflower starting from Monday 9th September and lasting for 9 days, which means it might affect your plans for visiting a few of the Festival exhibitions.

The location of the closure is on the main junction in Huish Champflower, that leads towards Upton, Clatworthy and Wiveliscombe.  This means that if you are driving from Wiveliscombe towards the exhibitions of Marc Vyvyan-Jones, Tess Armitage or Clatworthy’s ‘Weddings, Brides and Buttonholes’, you may have to follow diversions.  The County Council will obviously be providing regular road diversion signs, but watch out for specific venue signs showing the venue number as you may be offered a more direct route.

Those attending the performance of the Wiveliscombe Choir on at Huish Village Hall 15th September will also be affected.  Those visiting St. Peter’s Church in Huish for the King Arthur: History and Mystery or Lucy Lean exhibitions should be unaffected if approaching from Wiveliscombe.

Traffic approaching Wiveliscombe from Clatworthy should go via Forches Cross/Cordings Ball, and those approaching from Upton should go via Huish Moor or Raleighs Cross.

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