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Forkbeard Fantasy has been renowned as a theatre and film company touring highly imaginative shows and special events since the Seventies, so we’re excited that one of its associates, Philip D. Moore, is taking part in the Festival with a multi projection and sound project, based around the farmer’s relationship with nature and machinery – two potentially opposing elements.

Called The Seed, the Farmer and the Machine, and made in association with Forkbeard Fantasy, it’s on show at Cotleigh Brewery (see times below).

Tim Britton, one of the founders of Forkbeard Fantasy, had a sneak preview and has this to say about it:

The 10 Parishes Festival will be the first time Phil has presented this new work. I had a sneak preview last week when he was testing the set-up at Forkbeard’s studio.

The points of view installation is an experiment in sound and vision. It consists of 4 projections in each corner of the room all pointing to the centre, where there stands a huge zig zag screen. You are encouraged to walk round the screen to experience the 4 points of view and the montage of film that occurs on your journey.

Phil points out that although it is just a 15minute piece it is actually 1 hours worth of film and to watch all 4 points of view and the endless combinations in between would take a very long time indeed!   

The 4 films are all linked, forming an abstract story of the seed, farmer and machine. The installation can be enjoyed simply as a mixture of inspiring graphic imagery set with an industrial soundscape.  Phil explains it’s an emotional response to the beauty of machines and the sound of industry combined with a curiosity of how mechanisation has changed our relationship with nature, art and craftsmanship.  

Although initially disappointed when the Town Hall venue did not materialise there is a degree of serendipity with the new venue being Cotleigh Brewery due to the Barley connection – and you may even be able to sample the beer on your visit.

I would certainly recommend popping in for a look once or even twice as you will discover something different at each viewing. It’s lovely to see film being used so inventively and interactively for the viewer, you will not have seen anything like it before and will leave stimulated.”

Showing times are: Saturday 7th  preview 4-6pm;  Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th  and Friday 13th at 12-1pm and 4-5pm; Saturday 14th  at 11am-12, 1-2pm and 3-4pm.

Cotleigh Brewery is in Ford Road, Wiveliscombe. See the online guide at http://2013.10parishesfestival.org.uk/events/123/Philip%20D.%20Moore for contact and other details.

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