View the New Online Guide for the 10 Parishes Festival 2019

The 10 Parishes Festival returns on Saturday 7th September 2019, and we are now proud to launch the online guide covering this years events, with a fresh new look that aims to provide a fantastic showcase for the participating events, whether you are viewing on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Since the Festival started in 2003, the way we all access information and act on it has completely changed. The new guide takes account of this, particularly when accessing websites is now primarily done via mobile phones. The new display is very impactful on desktop but on mobile you are able to scroll down and fine tune your route of artist studios and performance venues whilst out and about.

The new website will work perfectly hand-in-hand with the printed Festival Guide which will be available at the beginning of August, which you will be able to pick up for free at many local outlets.

Enjoy browsing the guide! The address for the 2019 Online Guide is

About the New Guide Design

An example of how the guide appears on a variety of different screen sizes

The main website for the Festival remains as and remains the same, but the ‘online guide’ aspect of the website has been updated to meet with the expectations of modern web users, which is now predominantly mobile devices such as smart phones, rather than the desktop type systems that the old website was conceived for.

Of course, we need to cater for as many users as possible, and we have strived to provide a reasonable experience for users regardless of how up to date their systems are.  We would love to hear your feedback on the new design, so please send your thoughts to

The Events Grid

The events grid, as might be seen on a typical ‘desktop’ display

The most distinctive change to the website is the new ‘events’ grid, which shows all of the events appearing in the Festival.

Events are listed in ‘event title’ order, DOWN the page, so that the page can adapt to as many ‘columns’ as your device allows.  So for a mobile phone, there will typically be one column, tablets 3, and desktops 4 or 5.  It all depends on the ‘width’ of the screen and whether your browser is ‘full screen’.  Try it on mobile, tablet and/or desktop!

You can tap/click the ‘favourite’ icon next to each event to add it to your ‘favourites’ which can be accessed by the tabs at the bottom of the window.  This works on the device you are using (not for ‘you’ regardless of device).

The Event Page

An example of how the event page adapts for different screen sizes

The event page provides all the details of an event, and is accessed by clicking on one of the event summaries shown in the event grid. It shows all of the registered details for the event, including a venue specific map.  There is a ‘carousel’ of the images supplied if more than one was supplied by the event.

The Events Map

The venue map, showing markers for each venue location, with a pop up window that shows the address and links to the relevant events

The events map shows all of the Festival venues on a single map which can be ‘panned and zoomed’ to allow a visitor to find exactly where a venue is located.

Clicking on a map marker will show a popup window containing the venue address, and a list of all events taking place at that venue.

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