So now you’ve registered – what happens next?

Thanks everyone, you’ve been brilliant getting all those registrations and images in to us. It’s certainly keeping us busy – Avril has been slaving over a hot computer getting all the entries uploaded, while Dave is working his magic even as you read this, and very soon the 2013 10 Parishes Festival website will emerge like a butterfly and be officially launched. (Dave will be in touch before it goes live, to make sure everything in your entry is 100% accurate).

Can’t wait to view all the wonderful artists and craftspeople who’ll be exhibiting, as well as what events and performers will also be happening.

In the meantime Linda at the Community Office is busy organising all the Street Market producers and stallholders while Fodo is getting a great variety of music sorted.

Mark, previous Carnival organiser, is speaking to someone who may be interested in organising this year’s Carnival, so fingers crossed…

Of course Festival Director Pauline busy, busy, busy (when was she ever not!) co-ordinating and organising a hundred and one different aspects, and I (Sue) am tweeting, posting and blogging along with Dave, doing press releases and organising future articles for magazines.

Hope it all goes well as you start thinking about or preparing your Festival exhibition or event. Remember to tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook, or other social media, to let everyone know what you’re doing (and if you’re not sure how to do this, come along to the social media training we’ve organised)..

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