Video Clip of ‘The Seed, The Farmer and the Machine’

One of the more intriguing exhibits of the 10 Parishes Festival has been Philip D. Moore’s video installation at Cotleigh Brewery entitled ‘The Seed, The Farmer and the Machine’, which takes a intimate look at the journey of grain from field to market. It centres around the processing machinery which is used for only a couple of weeks of the year, splitting and sorting the grain so that it can be shipped to market.

Getting video and audio of the process was a challenge for Philip as the machinery is fully occupied during that limited time and so there is little chance to go back for another ‘take’.  The video embedded here is a short preview of the installation which normally lasts for around 20 minutes.

At the time of writing, there are now only a couple more chances over this coming weekend (14th/15th September 2013) to view the installation before it too comes to the end of its season.


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