It’s blooming marvellous in Bathealton

Strange things happen in Bathealton. One time there was an outbreak of scarecrows. Now extraordinary, massive blooms have sprung up all around the village.

Report has it there is even a huge pink one that is carnivorous, if the pair of Wellies sticking out is a clue… though no reports of missing children or adults have been made.

Intrepid explorers can venture to the village for the final Festival weekend, when the exotic blooms will be harvested and displayed in The Rectory garden on both days, from 11 – 6pm. If wet, teas will be served in the Village Hall from 2pm both days, otherwise in the garden.

For a village of only about a hundred homes and outer farms, Bathealton is a great place for creative endeavour and a sense of community.

In Bathealton Village Hall for this final Festival weekend, there is a wide ranging exhibition with work by professional painter Antonia Myatt, who grew up in the village and is now London-based but always returns to take part; the Bathealton Silk Group – six local artists who meet once a week to support each other, showing scarves and other articles hand-printed on silk; multi-talented craftswoman Elaine McNicholas, and Kay Rae-Duke with Tuareg Jewellery from West Africa.

Nearby, in her home’s Open Studio, well known painter Tilly Willis will be exhibiting local landscapes, still life, portraits and paintings of Africa, while in the garden sculptor and carver Tom Wood will be showing his quirky sculptures of slate, wood and recycled objects.

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