Spotlight on…Festival’s youngest poet!

When people say policemen get younger all the time – they clearly haven’t heard about some of our 10 Parishes Festival artists!

First it was the schoolchildren and young people of Wiveliscombe Primary School plus Kingsmead Community School, then we heard about successful sculptor Jessica (aged 17 – see details here), and now Fire River Poets tell us they have been approached for an open mic slot at the Poetry and Pizza Cabaret on Thursday 12 September at This is Moorish (doors open 7.30) by 12 year old Charlotte Phillips of Milverton.

She told them she’s keen to read a poem of her own in public because, she says, “I usually have to recite someone else’s!”

On seeing the poem Charlotte would like to read, John Stuart, chairman of Fire River Poets, has readily accepted the request because it “showed engagement in its subject, originality and strength.”

And if you can’t get along to hear her in person, here is her poem which John kindly sent in. Thank you John.

Real life, what does it mean?
You hear it there, you see it on the TV screen.
But is it true or is it lies?
like people smile when they want to cry.
You dream up a fairytale life,
but you get caught out in the midst of strife.
Happy happy, sad sad,
they’re pretty different like your life
and the one you never had.
So what does your story go like?
Is it a slow stroll by the river or a mountain hike?
Is there money, is there fame?
Are you the person with the perfect name?
Are you shy or are you brave?
Do you work or do you rave?
Do you smile or do you frown?
Do you look joyful when you’re down?
Do you step back or do you fight?
Is your personality dark or bright?
Are you sporty or are you a geek?
Are you the one everyone seeks?
Are you a poem or are you a ballad?
Do you prefer chips or do you prefer salad?
I’ll tell you one thing, you must not repeat.
I wont hum it I wont sing it, I’ll write it down in neat.
Wherever the cursor lands, a-moorish-poetry-and-pizza-evening[1]
The answer is always in your hands.
Charlotte Phillips
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