Perfect Pitch at the Pizza and Poetry Evening

A particularly successful event held at Moorish on Thursday night of the Festival, the Pizza and Poetry event combined to provide us with some top notch entertainment along with those wonderful wood-fired pizzas.  Taunton based poetry groups Fire River Poets and Junction 25 we both well represented, as well as those who came along of their own fruition.

Particularly of note was performance poet Megan Beech, who speedily and dramatically covered a number of pieces of differing subjects, and was awarded at the end of the evening with runner up from the audiences vote.  You can see Megan performing in the following clip, although I don’t think this does her as much justice as a live performance.

Winner of the night was the remarkable Charlotte Phillips of Milverton, who at the tender age of 12 put on a remarkably composed performance of her own work.  Having only decided a couple of days beforehand to attend and perform at the event, she was very pleased to be nominated as the audiences favourite of night.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Charlotte by the time of the next Festival.

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