Meet Chris and Bethany – Festival artist and writer

watercolour painting by Chris Howe-Porlock Weir

Watercolour of Porlock Weir by artist Chris Howe

So just what is it that a writer and a watercolour artist have in common? Answer’s simple really – the 10 Parishes Festival!

Artists and crafts people of all kinds of disciplines and styles have been signing up in droves to catch the March 31st Festival registration deadline – and writer Bethany Askew and artist Chris Howe were among the first (click on names to visit their websites).

Chris has been painting mainly in watercolours for the past 12 years, and works as a teacher by day. He is a 10 Parishes Festival veteran and has developed a keen following from exhibitions around Somerset over the years.

“I’m always excited about the Festival. There’s a fantastic amount of talent on show just in this local area – everything and everyone, people who have never exhibited before and those who have, and it attracts people from far and wide.”

Chris is exhibiting with two other artists and a photographer in the Skittle Alley at The Bear Inn,  Wiveliscombe, and was delighted to be able to use such a central, attractive space.

Poet and novelist Bethany Askew

Poet and novelist Bethany Askew

For Bethany Askew it’s the first time she’s taking part in the Festival, and as a novelist she was initially unsure how she could. A former writer of women’s commercial literature for twelve years, she has now given up full-time employment, which has freed her to not only develop her novel writing but her love of poetry too – a form that’s easier to share with an audience.

“I’m taking part in a Festival poetry evening in Milverton organised by poet Geoffrey Godbert, and possibly another event, and I have a few ready that I’m practising,” said Bethany.

“I find ideas for poems pop into my mind at the most unlikely times: when I am driving or doing the hoovering or just before I go to sleep at night.”

Bethany has now completed four novels and one, Out of Step, is available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle.



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