Artist Profile – Chris Tipping

Joining the festival for the first time this year is Chris Tipping, who will exhibit alongside another newcomer, Geoff Billet at Cotleigh Brewery.

Chris’s background is book illustrating and graphic design, having been trained in art. It was a trip to Morocco that got him excited again about painting and he has returned a further seven times, in particular to Marrakesh and the coastal town of Essouira. “It’s such a short flight but the culture is so different, it’s another world there” Chris explained. “The colours and smells get me fired up. Although the country is a tourist destination it’s almost biblical in places. I work in mixed media, particularly watercolour, acrylics and inks. Drawing also plays an important part in what I do, it’s such an important discipline underpinning the whole process.”


We are all looking forward to seeing how Chris’s experiences are reflected in his work.

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