Professional, Affordable and Local Photographic Service for Artists

With the 10 Parishes Festival approaching, you may be planning to put pictures of your work into the guide, and producing cards and prints for sale. Naturally the quality of these is critical to how well they will sell and how you attract people to your show.

Based in Langley Marsh, Rupert Mardon is a photographer and printer and can offer you an affordable way to do all this locally and the steps to producing your own products are easy.

First, you need to get very high quality digital photographs of your work, this is fundamental to how well your pictures will reproduce. Of course you may also sell a number of originals and it’s nice to have a high quality archive of your pictures before they go to their new homes.

Then get these images printed to a high standard using archival inks and paper to ensure quality, lasting prints. This is very important if you are an artist or photographer wanting to sell limited edition prints – you have the reassurance that the prints will not alter over time.

Finally of course you will need to plan how to show and sell your prints: as cards, mounted, framed or unframed.

Rupert can photograph your work for only £10 per picture and make sure you have this digital file in the format you need for use on a website, print in a catalogue or for prints of any size.

He is able to print your work up to A1 on a wide range of different papers to suit your needs and budget and the inks used will remain stable for over 100 years. It’s amazing what a difference the paper you use and the quality of the inks can make.

If you plan to display your prints they can be mounted and laminated onto a durable lightweight foamboard. This is a modern and affordable alternative to traditional framing allowing the prints to be displayed on the wall with a hook & loop velcro system which avoids any visible fixings. You still have the option to frame a laminated print but without the need for glass which can cause glare.

For local artists and photographers planning on showing at the 10 Parishes Festival, Rupert is offering a 10% discount on projects delivered by the start of the Festival on 7th September 2013. Whilst fast turnaround of work is always a priority, Rupert does work alone and therefore you should allow some time before you need your work for something important like an exhibition deadline.

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